Wedding Rings

The most beautiful wedding ring is one designed or chosen especially for you.

We have some sample wedding rings listed in our online shop which you can use to purchase or use as a guideline for pricing and options before getting in touch with us about your customising your very own wedding ring.

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How your wedding ring is custom created by The Middle Green

The process we’d undertake for the creation of your custom Wedding Rings is similar to that of our Bespoke Projects. If you’re ready to speak to us, then fill in our enquiry form and get started today.

01. Initial consultation

Your bespoke handmade journey with The Middle Green starts with a chat with Tom — either through phone, email, or face-to-face…

02. Second consultation

We will invite you for the second consultation to view and discuss initial sketches and concepts. This is an exciting moment…

03. Getting to work

Once you’ve finalised your design, it’s time to bring your bespoke jewellery design to life. With a combination of experienced…

04. The big day!

At the earliest convenience, we’ll organise a consultation at a convenient location, organise a special delivery service…

05. Aftercare

We’re aware of how special this bespoke jewellery piece will be to you, your family and the intended loved one…

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Leaving you well looked after

All wedding rings bought through The Middle Green also come with a complimentary clean and polish for your engagement ring in the lead-up to your wedding day to make sure it looks at its very best.

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No such thing as a silly question

We understand that there is a lot to consider, and there may be elements that you’re not 100% sure on. This is why we’re here to help and talk you through each step from the size, width, and metal options. 

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