Custom Made by The Middle Green

If you have already had a piece of jewellery handcrafted for you, you’ll know how much more rewarding it is compared to simply walking into a store and purchasing ‘off the rack’. You can choose how many gemstones you’d like, how big the diamonds should be and make sure it’s going to suit you perfectly. All jewellery by made by The Middle Green is handmade so there is no added premium for having a bespoke order made just for you. The creation process takes a few steps which are outlined below.

Square One

First things first, we need to know what you want to achieve. You might have a very clear idea or it may just be ‘an engagement ring that will make her say yes’. If you want a particualr flower incorporated or a symbol or inspiration from a place you have visited, these can all be brought into the design. We will talk about dimensions, time scales and budget. Nothing will be promised that can’t be done.



After the initial discussions you can expect to recieve the first designs within a week or two. Depending on how specific the first chat was these could be almost finished representations of the final piece or 3-4 options for you to consider and then expand upon. It is also possible to send the designs as a digital 3D model which you can download a free app to view on a smartphone or tablet. This way you can really see it from every angle and give feedback accordingly.


Full Steam Ahead

Once we have created your preferred design, you will be sent a final quote detailing what will be made, a likely completion date and a final cost.. If you wish to proceed, 50% of the cost is payable up front with the remaining 50% due when you are totally happy with the finished item. As you can see on our Facebook and Instagram pages we like to share what is being created in the workshop as well as the finished articles. If you would like your project to be kept to yourself, now is the time to say. You can still be updated with progress photos as often as you would like.


As soon as your jewellery is polished and in it’s presentation box you will be notified and delivery arrangements can be made. Only when you are completely satisfied with what we have made will the final balance be due. This includes finger sizes but if it is a surprise gift you can come back afterwards for any adjustments required. All work is guaranteed for 2 years as long as the jewellery has been appropriately cared for. You are welcome to bring any item of jewellery made by The Middle Green back once a year for a complimentary clean and polish as well as a general check for any wear and tear. Lastly, we really appreciate it if you can leave a review on Google or Facebook. We know it might be the last thing you’re thinking about but it helps us out so much!